Interested in knowing what your home may be worth? We have a few valuable tools that can be helpful - and they're all FREE! The first one is our Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool. Simply put in your home address and receive an estimated Home Value from two leading automated valuation models within seconds. 

The second tool is our Quick Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). This is a valuable tool that uses public sales data to give you an idea of what your neighborhood's housing market is doing. While it will not give you a "specific number" or "range of value" like the above tool, it will give you current information on similar homes for sale, pending homes (under contract), and recently sold homes in your market  It can be done at your convenience 24/7, and the report will be directly emailed to you within minutes.   

While the above tools are great, they are really just the beginning. If you are thinking of selling and moving to another house, The Lamb-Pennington Group offers a comprehensive Home Value Report.  This report also has a detailed Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), and it also takes into consideration of your home's upgrades and specific features, the property's condition, specific location attributes, and other factors. In this Home Value Report, we use our experience in the design, construction, and real estate industry to make SPECIFIC adjustments to your home and give you a thorough detailed analysis on your home's current value. With this report you will have a great tool you can use to determine your Asking Price.  

P.S. If you are considering selling and moving, we have found it best to get in touch with us about 3-6 months before you actually want to move. That should ensure there is enough time to help you get your home ready to sell at the highest sales price and help you get moved when you want.