Here are the three main goals sellers typically have when they go to sell their home

Achieve the highest sales price 

Sell in the shortest time possible

With the least amount of inconvenience 


             At The Lamb-Pennington Group, we understand the importance of these goals. The first step is to sit down with you and discuss your specific goals. We will listen to your desires, look over your home, and evaluate the current market. Once we have an understanding of your goals, we will develop a Marketing Plan for you. Here are our proven 7 Strategic Keys that work to get your house sold!
Key 1: Property Condition Enhancement. We offer tips, advice, and additional resources to help you get your house in top market condition. One of our goals is to maximize your sale price, and that requires getting your house market ready.

Key 2: Competitive Pricing. Pricing will affect the number of Buyers looking at your home - it is crucial to price your home within the current market range to assure you get offers on your home and get it sold! Competitive Pricing also includes an attractive Brokerage Fee which can impact the traffic of Buyers touring your home.

Key 3: Comprehensive Marketing Plan - from the start. We have developed a proven Marketing Plan to sell your house. Plus when you add the strength of the No. 1 rated residential brokerage, Lyon Real Estate, with The Lamb-Pennington Group, you have set yourself up to GET YOUR HOUSE SOLD AND GET MOVED!

Key 4: Solid Negotiations and Sale Structuring. Negotiations occur at several different times during the sales process. Price, terms, and conditions all play a factor to creating a successful sale! At The Lamb-Pennington Group, you have a professional and capable realtor to help negotiate the sale for you.

Key 5: Persistent Transaction Management. When the Purchase Offer is negotiated and accepted, we remain actively involved to BRING THE ESCROW TO A CLOSE! We keep on top of the legal disclosures, the reports, the appraisal and inspections, and work to remove the contingencies and resolve potential issues that may threaten your sale.

Key 6: Consistent Communication and Follow-Up. Communication is vital throughout the process! Not only are we committed to keeping you informed along the way, we are dedicated to following up with other people involved with the transaction. Communication is a vital key in real estate and good communication brings RESULTS!

Key 7: Personal and Team Referral Network. Relationships - our years of experience in the business world and involvement within our community has resulted in several hundred of people in our personal, business, and social networks. We remain in contact through various forms of social media, mailings, calls, and personal visits. All of this brings forth additional opportunities to get your house sold quicker!